Roofing Skylights

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Showing all 3 results

Whether you’re looking for an opening or non-opening skylight, you can find excellent options here for your home or building. Weatherproof, sturdy and with energy efficient glazing, many contractors and DIYers choose these skylights for their project.

Tested and proven to withstand the harsh Australian climate and environment, you get the highest ROI and the end users will save money in the long run. Aside from the material costs, end users are also able to save money on energy as well as in protecting the furnishings inside the property. That’s because of the high UV protection rating and heat blocking capabilities of the skylights. You still allow as much natural light as possible while keeping out most of the harsh UV and heat.

In Australia the highest recorded temperature is around 50℃ and temperature extremes are getting more frequent because of climate change. It’s important that the materials we use for our structures block the unnecessary heat so that we can save on cooling costs. It’s also crucial that the materials are sturdy and can withstand strong winds and heavy rainfall.

We have products here that are built against heat, cold, wind, rain and even fire (protection in bush-prone areas). A noise barrier is also an excellent feature because through the skylight the intrusive noise is reduced down to just 36dB (almost as if you’re in a library). In addition, these are designed to be low profile and just serve their function (which is to allow natural light to come in).

Customers choose these because of the skylights’ performance and endurance against the harsh outside elements. They effectively block the UV and heat (save on cooling costs and repair expenses for your furnishings) as well as withstand rainfall and winds. The noise reduction feature makes the products even more preferable.

Various sizes are available and you can choose the one that’s perfect for your home or project. Electric (handheld remote control) and manual variants are also available depending on your preference. You can quickly view your options below for your reference. You can immediately review the features and make your selection after weighing your options.