Rainwater & Flashing

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Showing 25–30 of 40 results

Roof flashing, downpipe and gutter products available here. Economically priced and easy to install roofing ventilation also available (in high performance aluminium construction). Many DIYers and contractors choose our product range because of the quality, longevity and integrity.

The entire roof surface is exposed to sunlight, winds, moisture, rain and the harsh Australian environmental conditions. And if there’s a problem with the roofing (especially leaks), the entire interior structure gets compromised because rain, leaves and other objects can now easily get in and ruin whatever’s inside the home or commercial premise.

DIYers and contractors as a result are careful to choose the roofing, downpipe, flashing and gutter for their projects. Homeowners and developers also pay special attention to what the roof and its protection system will be made of. It’s especially the case because we can’t often see or inspect the roof, flashing and gutter above. We only expect them and trust them to perform well and remain leak-free each day.

Rest assured that our supplies here only come from the most reputable brands and manufacturers who stand by their name. We are careful to source the supplies because our name is also on the line here. And yes, we want to make sure that the resulting structure will be of high integrity and will yield a high ROI especially for the asset owners. After all, replacing and repairing the flashing, downpipe or gutter also have significant costs as well as cause major inconveniences.

For your specific requirements and capping applications, custom-made flashings are available here. This way you can meet the strict design and structural requirements of your project. You don’t have to adjust or work around some unnecessary constraints if customisation is already available for you.

Extremely durable, built for the Australian environment and available in a wide selection, you can always find something here perfect for your project. Rainwater protection and resistance is the least of your worries now because everything’s made to be strong and durable. And because they’re long lasting and economically priced, you and your client get the highest ROI both upfront and in the long run.