Insulated Roofing & Walling

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Showing all 2 results

Looking for insulated roofing & walling materials that effectively block heat and that will help keep your outdoor living area cool and fresh?

Here we have a product range that offers excellent insulation properties. Cost-effective, strong and durable, these essential building materials also deaden noise and can carry high amounts of water. The result is an outdoor structure with high integrity.

Whether it’s a roof beside your pool or an extension of your home where you can stay a bit outdoors or accommodate your guests, the roofing will surely perform its intended function. The strength and durability of these walling and roofing materials will give you peace of mind as well as save you money upfront and in the long run.

Aside from practicality, economy and excellent thermal performance, our walling and roofing supplies provide aesthetic benefits. It’s about function and style which are crucial in having a beautiful patio, verandah or pergola. Both the top surface and the ceiling underside add beauty and value to a home or commercial structure. As a result, architects and building professionals choose what we provide here for their important projects.

It’s an all-in-one solution where the panels provide roofing, ceiling and insulation. The result is significant cost savings that could in turn be used for further improving the outdoor living area or other areas of the home. In addition, the entire structure will last long because of the high-strength panels and protective coating on the undersides. The installation could also be done properly and easily because there’s no need to worry about the trusses, plasterboard and insulating material. It’s a straightforward installation where the panel does all the work already.

Reasonable and lengthy manufacturer’s warranties are included. This gives architects, building professionals, renovators and property owners and developers about the integrity and longevity of the roofs and walling surfaces. They get the highest ROI where the potential repairs and replacements are still far from the horizon. They could then instead move on with their next projects or better focus on the other aspects of their developments.