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Showing 13–18 of 20 results

To make your roofs and exterior walls best endure the harsh Australian conditions, it’s highly recommended to choose building materials that have undergone assessment in actual Australian sites and accelerated laboratory testing.

This is why Colorbond Roofing & Walling stands out when it comes to strength, durability and lifespan. The design and make of the materials are tested against the extremes of hot and cold plus exposure and impact from hail, wind and rain. Whether it’s a severe marine environment or an industrial location, the roofing and walling materials available here will stand the test of time.

Aside from extreme durability and long lifespan, the steel roofing and walling we have here also offer flexibility, depth and texture. The integrity is unquestionable even after many years of use because the materials resist blistering, chipping and flaking. It’s practical and aesthetic which is why many engineers and architects choose these materials.

Flexible and easy to install, many DIYers also choose our product range for their home outdoor project. Whether it’s installing or renovating a deck, carport or pergola, they have found it reasonably easy to complete their project. They have also gained peace of mind because they know for certain that the materials will perform well against heat, cold, rain and other elements. The Australian environment can be unforgiving, but with the durability and corrosion resistance the building materials have, people can rest easy that the outdoor structure will remain strong and attractive.

What about costs? They’re all cost effective and you get the highest ROI. The structure and surfaces will effectively resist corrosion, damage and impact. Remember, the Colorbond Roofing & Walling product range is actually tested in Australian marine, tropical and industrial environments. Maintenance is also easy because rainwater is already enough to wash the roof surfaces. The walling and cladding could be easily hosed down and they will remain to be attractive this way.

This is about making a practical, cost-effective and long-lasting choice. Browse our materials below and weigh your options. You’re now one step closer to completing your outdoor construction project whether it’s a patio, carport or pergola.