Stramit® Gutters

 Stramit® Gutters and Rainwater Products

  • High tensile fascia and gutters
  • Both Colorbond steel and Zinc Aluminium finishes available
  • Extensive range of matching accessories

We order directly from the manufacturer to your requirements. Scroll down to see the list of most popular gutter types supplied by us.

Stramit® Hi Front Quad Gutter
- Popular style with good drainage capacity
- Comes slotted or unslotted
- High front conceals the roof line

Cross Sectional Areas:
Slotted: 5200mm²
Unslotted: 5300mm²

Stramit Hi Front Quad Gutter

Stramit® Lo Front Quad Gutter
- Traditional gutter design
- Easy to install
- Comes slotted or unslotted

Stramit® 150 Half Round Gutter

Cross Sectional Areas:
Slotted: 7700mm²
Unslotted: 7700mm²4

Stramit® M Pattern Gutter
Larger drainage capacity making it highly suited for larger homes and commercial applications

Cross Sectional Areas:
Slotted: 7900mm²
Unslotted: 9100mm²

Stramit® S Pattern Gutter
Designed for shallow metal roofed applications without fascia

Cross Sectional Areas:
Slotted: 7900mm²
Unslotted: 9100mm²

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