Q: I want to pick up a kit from your warehouse - what type of vehicle do I need?
A: At minimum, a standard ute with at least 3 racks is required to transport the contents of our kits. You will need to take into account the full lengths of the beams and posts and whether or not they comply with NSW transport safety and overhang guidelines. A good guide can be found here.

Q: What type of tools do I need to build the DIY Kit?
A: A list of tools and equipment required to assemble the DIY Kits is available here

Q: I don't live in the Sydney Metropolitan region - where else do you deliver to?
A: Unfortunately we don't currently offer a delivery service outside of Metropolitan Sydney. Customers outside of the Sydney metro area are welcome to come and pick up their orders from our warehouse in Belmore, Sydney.

Q: Do you pre-cut the purlins/battens, rafters and posts? 
A: We are able to pre-cut the purlins/battern and rafters for you however it is not recommended that we pre-cut the posts for you. This is because every customer's site where they intend to erect the DIY pergola/patio/carport is different and site-specific measurements for slope, angles and other details need to be taken into account. If the posts are pre-cut for you, the pergola/patio/carport may not sit well on your site.

The actual lengths of the purlins/battens and rafters are supplied as full lengths (e.g. for a 6m × 3m pergola, you will be given an 8m length purlin/batten) allowing for flexibility to suit your site's dimensions and terrain.

A 5% charge applies for cutting of purlins/battens and rafters to your length requirements. 

Q: You don't have a DIY Kit in the size I am after, can you get a kit custom made for me?
A: Of course we can - the best thing to do is to come into our sales office where we can get everything organised with you.

To get a quote to you as fast as possible please come prepared with drawings of your site and measurements showing:

- Whether the pergola will be freestanding or attached to a wall
- Dimensions (height, width, length)
- Which side the gutter will be
- How many posts you will need
- The type of roofing material you would like to use: Colorbond®, Polycarbonate or a Mix of Both

Other helpful details include
- What type of wall the pergola/patio/carport will be attached to
- Whether the attachment will be to gutters or eaves
- The type of floor the pergola/patio/carport will be erected on e.g. concrete

If you wish to give us these details beforehand, simply send us a scan/photo of your drawing by:

Email: or SMS to the Kingstone Mobile Phone: 0466 531 676

A typical drawing looks like the following: